Housing delivery in other countries

In his inaugural speech at our Annual Lunch on 16 May 2014, Homes for Scotland Chair Sandy Adam described a discussion he had with a contact from Switzerland where a need for 20,000 new homes per annum had been identified - and they had delivered 20,000 new homes. 

Scotland needs at least 25,000 new homes per annum to meet existing demand, yet only 14,815 new homes were built in 2013. This raises the question about what we could learn from other housing systems.

Homes for Scotland regularly looks to England to compare housing policies, calling for at least equivalent support north of the border.  This comparison will remain vital given that we work in a UK market with builders, lenders and a supply chain operating in both Scotland and England.

However, there is the opportunity to examine housing supply in other countries to see if further lessons could be learned. This may be particularly true of smaller Scandinavian countries that relate closer to the population and size of Scotland.


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