Our work

We are 100% focused on ensuring the industry's sustained recovery and in delivering tangible, measurable results for both members and those looking for a new home.

The ever-increasing variety of issues affecting the industry's ability to deliver the many thousands of homes Scotland desperately needs means our work covers a wide range of areas.

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Working to ensure we have a planning system which encourages and facilitates the delivery of the homes of all tenures Scotland desperately needs.  Find out more

Technical & environment

Supporting the industry tackle specialist agendas from sustainability to skills and infrastructure.  Find out more


Informing and influencing government policy, practice and legislation to support the creation of a sustainable home building industry in Scotland.  Find out more

Customer relations

Considering the many issues impacting the industry’s most important stakeholders. Find out more


Driving agendas and leading housing policy development through a range of short, medium and longer term projects.  Find out more


Keeping members informed and raising the profile of our work. Find out more


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