Lauren Trouten

Lauren Trouten - Events, Membership & Communications Manager

Working within the membership and communications team, Lauren provides support in matters relating to membership enquiries, media relations and event management.

Lauren holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism Studies from the University of Stirling, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and has worked on a number of freelance projects in the fields of print and online journalism.  She is also a trained Mental Health First Aider.


Lauren's housing journey:

During my third and fourth years at university I lived in private rented accommodation with my now husband.  Whilst we loved having our own space and peace and quiet to study away from the traditional student halls of residence, it was certainly a steep learning curve at times!  Our first flat had a serious damp problem and a less than sympathetic landlord.

After graduating, we moved to Edinburgh and into another rented flat which was close to both of our new workplaces. Whilst it was affordable for us at the time, the lack of central heating and resident mice meant we didn’t stay long.   We got lucky with our next flat which was just around the corner but a million miles away from our past experiences.  The rent was affordable, the landlord was reasonable and the flat really felt like home.  We stayed for two and a half years before we decided that the time was right to consider buying our own property.  We knew that we wanted to plan for the future and buy a house rather than a flat, but quickly found that we were priced-out of a number of areas within Edinburgh.  With our search taking us further afield than originally planned, we viewed (and were lucky enough to purchase) a stunning 3-bedroom end terrace property in Fife complete with extension, two small gardens and views across the Forth.

Five years later, and we are still very much in love with our unique home.  There’s so much space for our young daughter and greyhound that we won't be moving anytime soon.


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