Homes for Scotland, in partnership with Construction Skills, ran a series of special workshops in 2010 on "planning for a low carbon future" in order to help the home building industry respond to the environmental and sustainable development agenda.


The aim of the project was to raise awareness and promote acceptance of the low carbon agenda by presenting good practice and encouraging member companies to consider their own business and the approach that needs to be taken.


The sessions were themed as follows:


1.  The policy framework - where we are and where we're going

2.  The information flow - who can assist with what

3.  Upskilling for climate chance - are we ready?

4.  Technical delivery - solutions and costs


Each session was recorded and  will shortly be available to view here.  Much of the material is remains valid and provides a useful training tool for Homes for Scotland members and others keen to understand more about the low carbon agenda.

The information gathered at these events has been summarised in an independent report prepared by BRE. Key issues for further consideration by HFS, Construction Skills and Scottish Government have been identified.  Click here to download.